Aviation Commercial Projects

Use Case

Market Driven Network Planning

Based on client owned data, publicly available data and industry shared booking data we simulate passenger demand and market development for hub airlines, that serves as the basis for their network planning.

Web analytics

Use analytics to understand and reflect a passenger’s journey on airline websites, to understand what they buy at what time or not.

Customer Churn

Calculating the discounted dissatisfaction index of passengers, that choose to leave a specific airline out of frustrations.

Customer Segmentation

Use passenger and revenue data to understand their wishes and reasons for travelling, to create a better offering for their specific travel needs.


Solution Architec­ture in Aviation

Use Case

GDPR Compliant Data Warehousing

In preparation of GDPR regulations we created a data sourcing and warehousing architecture that ensured data privacy of passengers.

Personalization Data Architecture

Based on passenger personalization use cases we design and implement data warehousing and relevant data-source integrations.

Develop Analytics Infrastructure for Operations

Based on analytical use cases regarding airline operations for the Lufthansa Group, we design the data warehousing set-up, define change requests and implement data warehousing and data base relations.



Aviation Operations

Use Case

aiOCC Project

With airline clients we develop a machine learning solution that suggests the most optimal decisions to OPS controllers – based on historical data – to have smooth daily operations with limited disruptions.

Critical carry-on flights

Predict critical flights regarding overloading of hand baggage, that will cause onboarding delays.

Baggage Profiling

Predict no-shows and postpone loading of their bags, to avoid delay because of offloading.

Predicted Boarding Times

For increased passenger convenience we combining reference models with live delay information, to predict the beginning of boarding.