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Diverse perspectives, one shared goal

We're looking for fearlessly curious truth-seekers to join us and deliver amazing data science solutions to the aviation world
At zeroG we’re driven by talent and curiosity. Guided by our purpose and values, we make decisions and create impactful data solutions.
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Our values

We are fearlessly curious truth seekers.
Using a scientific approach, we ask tough questions and relentlessly test and retest to get results.
Team members
Data scientists, data engineer, business data analyst, solution architect, business consultant, business services.
We always promote and practice open dialogue.
We are trusted partners to our clients and business partners and facilitate communication within our team.
19 different passports
We cultivate diversity, mutual trust, and a positive family spirit.
We work together faithfully and respectfully to create a sense of community in which people thrive.
4100 applications in the last year!
Why not you?
Fun is a vital part of our creative process
Families that play together, stay together – and come up with some pretty great ideas in a friendly and all-round happy environment.
We love to amaze people with elegant solutions.
Using a data-driven approach, we achieve results and solve problems in the simplest and most effective way possible.
If you resonate with them...


Life is short. Explore the world and develop your ideas.


Teams that challenge other’s ideas create the best things.


You enjoy doing your best work in a self-managing organization.

A little quirky

Nothing amazing has ever come from accepting the status-quo.
...and if you love data & realizing your ideas into meaningful solutions then we’d like to meet you!
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Purpose-driven work environment

To help our Team stay happy, motivated and feel successful every day, our approach to rewards and benefits puts each zeroG’ler at the center of our People and Culture strategy.
Training and development
As a knowledge-based company, we provide a generous training budget and mentorship program for people to grow their careers.
We empower you to take control of your work, navigate challenges, and drive your own success with purpose.
Work-Life Balance
We believe valuable work can be delivered in any life circumstance and strive to create a user-centric work environment for our people.
Data Scientists
Data Engineer
business Data Analyst
solution architect
business consultant
business services
You’ll meet all kinds of people here.
Any organization is only as good as its crew; We nourish an inclusive culture that's able to tap the creative potential of our people and deliver innovative, human-centric technology that improves air travel

Our history

Pivotal Moments and Milestones
zeroG was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from Lufthansa Systems. The goals was to set-up a team of bright people - fluent in data, analytics and human-centric, agile work - to unlock the power of data for airlines.
zeroG designed and created the data platform and recommendation engines to personalize the customer journey of SWISS, Lufthansa, and Austrian Airlines along the digital touchpoints.
zeroG took its first steps in building Artificial Intelligence technologies, creating a computer vision solution to inspect engines and prototyping a reinforcement learning application for airline operations - winning the Lufthansa Group Innovator Award.
zeroG restructured from a classical managerial hierarchy organization into a purpose-driven organization, adapting principles from Holacracy and Teal Organizations.
As COVID hit commercial aviation, zeroG also took a big hit in its growth journey. However, our expertise was in high-demand when airlines were taking back to the skies and new AI models were needed to automate repetitive error-prone tasks and get clarity in a new reality.
zeroG extended its portfolio and became the prefered data and AI partner for leading European airlines to solve their biggest challenges in revenue, crew, network, and operations using cutting-edge data and AI technologies.

Any more questions?

Does zeroG offer hybrid work?
We believe great work can be done everywhere and we have tremendous trust in our team, however regular office and customer visits could be necessary for your project. Tax regulations stipulate you'll have to live in Germany.
How long does the application process take?
We get a large number of applicants each year and try to process them as fast we can. We strive to make a final decision within 5 working days after each interview.
What does the interview process look like?
After receiving your application, the recruiting colleagues will review your application and schedule a first interview to learn about your motivations. If there's a cultural match, we organize a use case interview to learn about your technical capabilities. If everything works out: welcome on board!
What is the company culture like?
Our culture is everything to us. We believe in autonomy, agency, and inclusivity. At zeroG, we don't manage people but work which we prioritize based on data and insight. This puts major responsibility in your hands if your join our company. We trust our people with this.
What kind of technologies do you work with?
At zeroG, we equip you with a MacBook Pro or Lenovo, and a shiny new iPhone. We engineer cutting-edge solutions in analytics, computer vision, NLP, and more. Our toolkit includes the latest open source technologies, along with proficiency in Python, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake, Celonis, and other innovative platforms.
Ready to join us?
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