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Airline Revenue Management

Predict demand more accurately with machine learning.

Pandemic-driven travel volatility has made traditional linear regression models unreliable for demand prediction in point-to-point carriers.

Use Neural Network to more accurately predict demand and personalize ancillary pricing

Our application takes an advanced machine learning approach that processes data from the entire network to predict more accurately customer demand for single markets and steer inventory automatically.

Adapted to your environment

Amplify the performance of your revenue management team with the power of machine learning.

Manual steering activities
More Accurate Demand Prediction


Step into your airline's future or AI-enhanced revenue management that seamlessly integrates within your current IT set-up.


The neural networks of our solution are designed to process increasingly more data in shortest time to deliver impact at scale.


We ensure our solution to be adapted to your revenue team's needs, ensuring user-acceptance through a non-invasive flow.
Operational revenue (=direct EBIT)

AI in Revenue Management

How does machine learning revolutionize airline revenue management?

Features that fit your data needs
Revenue Managment benefits from deep learning technology. Leading to successfully identifying smaller and larger patterns while benefitting from processing all the historical data and network at once. In addition, it can be easily updated to process additional data points.

Holistically uses all your demand data

Analysis of the complete network at once

Learns non-linear patterns of effects on changes of inputs , for example holidays and special events, unexpected changes in demand, changes in competitor prices, etc.

Deep learning provides quicker adaptability to new market situations

Easy to add additional data sources, internal or external

“zeroG built a solution that our revenue managers love to use as it is intuitive, reduces manual activities, and increases our total revenue per flight substantially.”
Stefan Auerbach
Vice-President Revenue Management & Pricing
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