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Case Study,
April 2023

Cargo Digital Sales Intelligence

Insight Generation

Our project at zeroG aims to streamline and optimize cargo digital sales intelligence by consolidating diverse datasets into a unified source, developing intuitive company-wide dashboards, and implementing automated insight generation and delivery via Chatbot.

As aviation gears towards more data centric business strategies, the sheer volume of data that is available to businesses can be overwhelming. This often results in multiple loose collections of dashboards, presentations, and white papers, entangling the business units into having to sift through huge swaths of data products to arrive at any useful insights the data might have. This situation is counterintuitive to the much-touted benefits of data which is increasing business process efficiency. This failure of efficiency leads to downstream consequences such as poor companywide adoption, missed opportunities due to untimely insight identification, and having no action plan when the insight is timely delivered.
As part of a cross-functional team, we are working closely with the stakeholders to combine differently sourced datasets into a single source of truth but also to create self-explanatory dashboards for company-wide usage, to empower end users to ask “the data” questions and find insights through these dashboards. The cross-functional work also helps to gain automated recurring insights such as Customer behaviour shifts or search and market dynamic changes. As well as this aids in identifying the right stakeholders for each insight categories and delivering these insights via based Chatbot, including conversational capabilities allowing these end users to derive maximum benefit of data analytics, without requiring extensive data platform accesses. The focus of the solution is to reduce the dependence on dashboards by automating the insight detection and delivery, ensuring the most relevant business insights are available to the right stakeholders at the right time for maximum benefits.
Such targeted data and insights delivery significantly enhances seizing high-potential business opportunities and amplifies revenue growth. Additionally, it enables operational optimization by strategically allocating resources.
Real-time analytics empower stakeholders with swift decision-making, refining strategies, and pinpointing areas for improvement, alleviating the need for extensive insight hunting.
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