zeroG Camp 2019 - Building Ideas Together

As a consulting company with team members spread across projects throughout the aviation industry, it’s important to take time out from our daily assignments to come together and collaborate on products and ideas as a zeroG team.  This year we organized our very first zeroG Camp which took place over the course of three days in November and brought our growing team of 60+ analytics professionals together to tackle ideas to move our company forward. Have a look at how the camp was and read up below on the various workshops:




Kubernetes is a great application for automating redundant tasks. One of our groups interested in learning more about setting up microservices using Kubernetes met up with specialists and worked together to define use cases they wanted to develop. One important use case they identified is automating the process for providing ATC data from EUROCONTROL to our developers, which will provide the basis for some of our future projects we’re developing at zeroG.  




At zeroG, we’re big believers in the potential of reinforcement learning in a variety of use-cases. One use case our data scientists focused on over the three days was ancillary revenue management, specifically developing a model that could be used to upsell customers on extra leg room seats by offering clients the right price at the right time. The group was split up in duo's who competed against eachother in upselling extra leg room ancillaries based on sample data. The wining duo smartly integrated a variety of critical factors in the model's reward system - contact us for more info :).




Traveling should be a fun and enriching experience, but it can come with logistical challenges, especially when travelling with a group. One of our teams focused on designing a ‘Travel Pal’, the result of a design sprint where the team imagined how group travel can be organized differently. Focusing on the modern millennial traveler as a target group, the team built out a working prototype of a chat bot that takes the stress out of the planning in a fun and sassy way – keeping the traveler engaged at every step of their journey. 




As a self-managing organization, we seek to empower our people to make informed decisions for the betterment of the company. Several of our Business Consultants and Data Analysts used the camp time to come together and design new tools and processes for disseminating key financial and company health figures to every employee, keeping in line with our efforts to continually improve transparency and enable better self-management practices. 




In addition to an exciting few days of tackling new challenges, our zeroG camp was also a big opportunity for our team to come together and have some fun. With team members spread across various projects during the day-to-day, zeroG Camp meant time to bond, socialize, and get to know colleagues a bit better than before. Check out our video here to see some of the fun times and great memories from our first camp!