Happy Birthday zeroG - onward to the next five years!

A message from our founder and Managing Director Peter Ahnert:

This month we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of zeroG! On October 3rd, 2015 we launched the company with three people in a tiny office near Frankfurt Airport and a contract to support a major personalization effort of the Lufthansa Group Hub-Airlines with our Data Science expertise. That was the start to a fantastic ride that continues to this day! In the last five years we’ve expanded our portfolio by building analytical applications for airline and airport operations, network management and maintenance teams – to name a few – while deepening our expertise in personalization. In the meantime, we’ve built a great team of people that call zeroG their professional home, consisting of over fifty people with diverse backgrounds. This diversity is something that we’ve come to embrace more and more as a crucial part of what makes us excel.

From the outset we strove to build a company that we would all want to work for. A place with a purpose, built on trust and mutual respect, where natural leadership and creativity take precedence over artificial hierarchy, where the latest tech know-how and seasoned experience combine to do great stuff - and have fun while doing it!

Some of us were inspired by reading Frederic Laloux’s “Reinventing Organizations” and it was therefore a rather logical step that we went down the path of Self-Management when the time came in early 2018 to give ourselves the guiding principles and building blocks to enable further growth. We decided to embrace self-management as an organizational set-up and ever since, we’ve never stopped exploring what works best for us. While it wasn’t always smooth sailing, self-management as well as the culture and human-centered attitude on which it builds, have become key elements of zeroG and cornerstones of our success.

For example, it was not the direction or vision of a seasoned executive, but the ideas, initiative, enthusiasm and skills of the team that made us develop the first AI application using Reinforcement Learning in the aviation world, aiOCC, or that built ourselves a reputation for Computer Vision applications in airport operations and aircraft maintenance. Collective intelligence simply beats a hierarchy-based-on-experience decision making processes in most cases! Common to our work with both RL and Computer Vision is that what started out as an idea, quickly moved towards a pilot stage in order to explore the feasibility of the approach, to test, adapt, pivot and incrementally develop. Agile, that’s the way we like to work!

As we’re moving into the sixth year of our existence, the Corona virus pandemic has placed much of the aviation industry into a very turbulent patch of air, also affecting us. But as a highly adaptable organization with a large degree of autonomy, we are taking that what has made us strong and proven valuable in aviation to other industries and use cases, there again exploring the unknown using data and tech to do impactful projects.

Once again – Happy Birthday, zeroG! Here’s to the next five years!